Thursday, November 16, 2023

 Lazy Daze Mexico,     November 16, 2023

We spent most of the day by the pool - 

in the shade.  I read a book and played Scrabble.  About 4 o’clock we headed to the old town also known as the Romantic Zone.  Along the way-

We were looking for The Salty Caesar where Bobbi and the Others were playing.  She didn’t sound as good as last night-

PV is packed with Canadians.  At the bar we met a couple from Virden.  Special flags adorn the ceiling-

I couldn’t believe it but I found Esmeralda’s!  The waitress said she has worked there 7  years so I knew she would know the university prof from Winnipeg and Allan from Yorkton.  Unfortunately Krause from Winnipeg died in May and Allan is not well and is having surgery Monday.  It sounds like he might have prostate issues.  I used to meet them at Esmeralda’s to play scrabble.  Times change and we all get older.

We carried on to Pinocho’s for a beer then wandered to Margarita Grill for taco soup-

Taco chips, dried chilies, chunks of cheese and avocado are meant to be added-

Walking home we finally got a picture of the sign.  It’s a hard one because it’s so long and there are usually people milling about and getting in the way-

Tomorrow we will catch a bus to Mismaloya which is a beach town south about 15 km.  Looking forward to seeing something new!

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