Friday, November 17, 2023

 Mismaloya, Mexico          November 17, 2023

After breakfast, we leisurely walked down the Malecon and across Old Town aka Zona Romantica to catch a bus at one of the million but super handy OXXO for Mismaloya.  It’s 11 km south-

 and only cost 11 pesos (.80).  It was a beautiful 30 minute drive on a high road next to the sea with great views.

Mismaloya is a lovely little village in a small bay-

You can walk around the bay but only so far.  Looking back to the town-

There are a couple islands  or big rocks close to shore-

We were accosted by Juanita as soon as we got close to the water.  She showed us her restaurant so after our short walk we settled in at her place where I had the worst meal yet-

It was four shrimp tacos with only grilled flavourless shrimp inside.  We had to eat something in order to use the chairs.  The kitchen was in the back-

The tide was in for most of our time there, coming up and under our chairs-

As the day wore on more people came to play.  The waitresses bring their kids to work, they wear lifejackets and play in the waves all day-

I did a double take at this - 10 pesos to use the bathroom and 10 pesos to regardera which I read as regarder which means to watch in French.  However, regadera in Spanish means watering can so I guess it’s to wash your feet not to watch someone use the toilet-

T-shirts at a local shop-

A young boy came by selling crickets - gross -

and rambutan which were 100 pesos ($8) for half a pound - about 10 of them!  More robbery-

After enough time people watching and enjoying crashing waves we headed back to PV.  Two older American women got on the bus and rather than sit in empty seats but not together, made two young Mexican men move so they could sit in their front seats.  It’s b_t_hes like them that give all we white folk a bad name.  I wouldn’t have had a problem with it if there was standing room only but they were definitely privileged and watching that made me very angry and embarrassed.

Last night while walking around we passed a restaurant with a huge line of people waiting to eat there so we thought we would try it for supper.  We got there at 3:30 but it didn’t open until 4.  We waited in line to make sure we got the first seating and watched them prepare for the crowds.  They were busy cutting up onion and cilantro out on the street-

Packing the meat on to the skewer-

We were given a long slip of paper to check off what we wanted.  Our order was verified by a waiter and in no time we were served.  This man was shaving the meat from the skewer while the fire in the background is cooking the meat as it turns.  He saw me taking a picture and blew me a kiss.  I laughed out loud!  We could feel the heat from the flames and we were sitting out on the sidewalk-

It was packed and very hot inside-

The tables are pre-set with sauces-

We both had 3 el pastor tacos with shaved, well flavoured pork, cilantro, onions and pineapple-

and because of the recommendation of some Americans, tried grilled onions-

Pancho’s Takos is a must eat at restaurant while in PV.  They are open from 4 until midnight and are busy busy.  The poor waiters must lose many pounds each shift from sweating in the heat.

We walked back to the Rosita and cooled off in the pool, then enjoyed our deck.   The pirate ship went by-

It’s a party boat that includes a buffet supper, an open bar, fireworks and a sail for a mere $135 US!  

Tomorrow I think it will be another lazy day by the pool.  


I’ve also been wondering about bathing suit attire and what we accept as ok and not ok.  Why can a woman’s breast be 90% showing but we are “ not supposed to” show the nipple?  What makes the nipple so special?  Also, why can a woman have all of her bum bare except for a sliver of fabric in her crack yet the front, which is often covered by pubic hair, must be covered?  I don’t get it.  I’m not suggesting we walk around naked, I just don’t understand why it’s okay to show certain parts of our bodies and not others.  

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  1. Tacos El Pastor are my fave! Really jealous of the time you're having :)


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