Wednesday, November 15, 2023

 Sayulita, Mexico          November 14, 2023

After breakfast, we caught a bus to Las Glorias where you have to change buses to go out of the city, and luckily got on an air-conditioned older type of coach. It took about an hour and a half total to get to Sayulita-

A huge sea monster with a waterslide of all things was at the cruise ship port-

I love travelling on public transportation because there is always something going on. This lady hopped on to sell drinks and food, sometimes you have people babbling on with long stories about why they need money and then they pass around a cup and other times musicians hop on and entertain-

Last time I went to Sayulita was from Guayabitos and I was dropped off at the highway and had to walk in, so I was very glad when we drove to the heart of the town and the bus depot. It didn’t take much wandering for me to remember last being there-

I see I didn’t wait for Lynne to get set for the picture. At the town name signs it is always such a rush because there’s a big lineup but that’s no excuse for not getting your own picture well taken.

Sayulita is a quaint place - a busy surfing town with lots of little shops and restaurants-

I went back to the gallery where I bought my estambre, which is string art, just to have a look to see if I liked any, but I didn’t. They sell a lot of shakira, which is small beads glued onto forms –

They are both made by the Huichol Indians who live in the mountains.

Not sure what this is about-

The beach is packed with chairs for rent and for 150 pesos or $11.53, you can sit there all day-

A trip to Sayulita would not be complete without visiting Costeña where they offer four sizes of margaritas: small, big- 120 pesos ($9.47)-

bigger which costs $50! and superbig which is 700 pesos ($55.22).  I did not see the glasses they use for that quantity but they must be humongous!

Once again lunch was guacamole but I’m starting to get tired of it after so much-

While I was sipping my margarita, Lynne had a massage which she said was excellent –

Stupid me grabbed another margarita (and I don’t even like tequila- ya sure you liar) and we headed off to the beach –

It was a busy area which I liked –

Eventually, Lynne said it was time to head back, and if she hadn’t been with me, I would’ve spent the night in that chair I am sure. Somehow we got to the bus depot and luckily got seats on the bus because Lynne tells me it was packed most of the way home.  I woke up in my bed with all of my possessions and am having a slow day today! Dummy!

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