Tuesday, November 7, 2023

 Edmonton to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico     November 7, 2023

The night was good, so was breakfast and in no time we were at the airport.  Our flight was fine but with Flair you do not even get a glass of water.  I read a book and after 5.5 hours we were landing.

The airport has been seriously updated since I was here 5 years ago.  It wasn’t too busy and soon we were outside being accosted by taxi drivers. To get to the Hotel Rosita would cost 400 pesos which is $31.49.  Too much!  We left the airport area, walked an block and caught a local bus for 79 cents!

There was a bit of a screw up at the hotel and they were missing half of our reservation but soon had it sorted and we were in a large family room with 3 beds.  We will change to a different room tomorrow for the duration of our time here.

We went walking along the Malecon where the statues for Day of the Dead-

are still on display.  We found a good restaurant with a view and eventually a great breeze and had fish and shrimp tacos-

and of course Pacifico.  We  made it home just before the rain started.  Thanks to the AC, our room had cooled off.  We got into our bathing suits to go to the pool for half an hour before it closed but were chased out by lightning!  

I’m hoping for a great sleep and tomorrow I have my first dental appointment at 11.

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