Saturday, November 11, 2023

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico           November 11, 2023

Unfortunately I had a horrible sleep.  That doesn’t happen to me often but when it does, it’s not fun.  Hence, I had a slow start and decided to have an omelette instead of our free breakfast of bread, orange juice and fruit.  It was delicious -

We walked to the 5e de Deciembre cemetery while is still well decorated for Day of the Dead-

  No guns or booze allowed.  How fun is that?-

Some of the tombs are large-

This is the fanciest and 6 people are buried here-

My dentist appointment was at noon and everything went well.  Orlando was very patient, efficient and meticulous.  I’m pleased, so far anyway-

Following my appointment I went to Molina de Agua to see Vivian.  We had a great visit but she is still very sad since Lee, her husband of over 30 years, died suddenly - in 4 hours, November 13, 2021.  She now has a dog, Lulu, that helps.  The views from her place are awesome-

After, she took us through a local park where a woman decided to turn the grungy grey concrete space into a mosaic art gallery.  Vivian helped with some of the mosaics-

I’ve been thinking of trying mosaics and this certainly inspired me!

It was a hot beast of a day.  At the dentist’s office, when I walked in, it felt like a fridge but the AC was set at 26!  I think it was the hottest day yet.

Tomorrow we are off to La Cruz de Huanacaxtle to see my nephew Matthew, his wife Amy and their two children - Olivia who is 9 and Johnny who is 7.  I met Olivia at Jane’s wedding - she was 1 and I’ve never met John.  I’ve also never been to Cruz so it’s going to be a great day!

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