Monday, November 27, 2023

La Crucecita, Mexico       November 27, 2023

I had a good sleep but as per usual was awake by 5 AM. I went down to the kitchen, had coffee and read the paper.  I have been not depressed, but disappointed in the last week with this trip because I’m not a beach person and it’s hot.  I enjoyed my trip in 2019 to the west side of Mexico, but I was inland visiting numerous colonial beautiful cities and sort of expected this to be the same way except I guess I forgot to look at a map! Also, staying in a hostel is not private and then in this particular one - Azul y Blanco, although very clean and quiet, the air conditioning didnt get turned on until 9 p.m. and it was shut off at five this morning. There were three ceiling fans spinning away at their fastest and the noise that they made hid any snoring although there was none.  Feeling sorry for myself I decided to have a look on and found a hotel with a swimming pool and air conditioning regularly priced at $290 plus tax for $52 plus $10 tax. I jumped at it!  So I am now staying at Hotel Santa Cruz Huatulco.  It’s across the street and a large parking area from the beach I was at yesterday.

Before I left downtown La Crucecita, I wanted to see the Zócalo in the day –

as well as the church-

It’s painted really lively and the side walls are open to outside.

From the hostel, I walked down the pedestrian walkway again, marvelling at the expense and rather ridiculousness of it although it sure makes walking from downtown easy for we tourists.  By the time I got to the Hotel Santa Cruz-

sweat was dripping from my chin and nose.  Checkin wasn’t until 3 and it was only noon and even though the hotel is probably about 25% full, they wouldn’t let me check in early.  That was fine with me because all I wanted was the pool-

It was gorgeous and I spent most of the afternoon in it.  I met a couple in their 80s- the woman lives in Saskatoon and the man lives in Regina. She taught one year at Saint Vital in 1962!  They have a condo down the street that they rent for four months every winter but often come to this pool for the afternoon.  There was also a 3 1/2-year-old Mexican girl swimming in the pool like a fish and a Russian woman with her. She called her mama but then a Mexican woman showed up and she called her mama too so I figured the Russian was the nanny however after visiting it turns out the Russian is married to a Mexican and this little girl is her daughter and they live in Toronto. She is here visiting her in-laws. That 3 1/2 year-old went from being timid to jump into the pool with water wings to swimming without water wings about 6 feet between her mother and me. She swam for probably four hours and didn’t want to quit.  She was the cutest little thing and her mother was very friendly.

Lupper was-

but I have to admit I am getting tired of it.

After getting settled in my room and a shower, I walked to the beach and ran into Jared. I met him in the hostel - he is from Cincinnati and here for a wedding. We walked to the beach, had a visit, and then I walked back to my lovely cool room.

Tomorrow I had thought to get a day pass for Secrets which is a high end all inclusive. It would cost about $115 and give me access from 9 AM until 5 PM. I could use the pool, the beach, and consume all the food and drink I could stuff into myself, however, I have a great pool here and I can be at the beach in five minutes. There is no way I will eat $115 worth of food and drink so I am not going and I am fine with that.

Looking forward to another lovely day at the pool.  

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