Saturday, November 18, 2023

 Lazy Daze Again          November 18, 2023

We sat by the pool from right after breakfast until about 2:30.  I hardly went in but Lynne went in lots.  I read, played Scrabble and searched my time away.  After the pool, we headed to Starbucks so I could get some coffee and found a party going on in the park.  There was a band playing-

and lots of tequila/mezcal stands.  I tried a sample and it was 100% shit.  Smoky and I hate smoky-

There were lots of food stalls-

and churros but they weren’t that good because they were cold-

I had a taco el pastor but it was a mini compared to last night and not as good.  Lynne had margarita pizza and said it was delicious.  We sat with the Montréal couple for a while.  It’s funny how you run into the same people again and again and they’re not staying at the Rosita.

The first Starbucks didn't have espresso beans so we walked along the Malecon to the next one and luckily they did. Walking home, I saw a bronze statue I hadn’t seen before named “Looking for truth” -

I love it!

Once back at the hotel, we went to the room to the AC.  What a relief!  Lynne spent some time on the patio but I couldn’t - too hot!  Apparently a bus showed up and the pool is wall to wall with kids.  

Hope tomorrow’s a bit more exciting.  

P.S.  A friend sent this after reading yesterday’s blog.  I’m not suggesting this, just curious as to why-

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