Monday, November 6, 2023

 North Battleford to Edmonton     November 6, 2023

It’s that time of year when I pack my bag and head off to sunnier and warmer climates.  I’m actually quite late leaving compared to other years but that’s okay because in a way, I don’t even really want to go anywhere.  Even though I truly hate the cold, snow and ice,  I’ve had a great fall often seeing Jane and the kids and since I started working September 15, I’ve worked 80% time.  I’ve enjoyed working because it gives me something to do and a reason to get off the couch.  The money is okay too!

I’m not travelling alone either, at least not for the first two weeks.  Earlier this spring, I suggested to my long time friend Lynne Thompson that since she was retiring from 31 years in the classroom, maybe she would like to come with me to Mexico for a couple of weeks.  She thought that was a great idea and here we are, in a hotel room in Edmonton, flying out tomorrow morning to Puerto Vallarta.  It seems rather silly to be in Edmonton but our initial plan fell through.  We had tickets for Bruce Springsteen here tonight but he’s old and suffering from a peptic ulcer so the concert was cancelled, actually most of this year‘s concerts were but have luckily since been rescheduled for next November.  So our flights were booked before he cancelled so rather than fly out of Saskatoon, which is lots closer, here we are.  

I also need two crowns and rather than pay $3000 at home, I can get them done in Mexico and enjoy a 2 month trip for pretty much the same money.  I’ve had dental work done in Guatemala, Nicaragua and Mexico and the facilities and dentists are top notch with prices one can afford.  

We left NB around 1:30 and drove through a bit of fog but other than that it was a pleasant trip.  Supper was good in the hotel restaurant - of course I had a burger as it may be the last decent one I have for the next couple of months.  My return flight is December 31 out of Cancun.  I’ve decided my long haul trips are over, at least for the time being. I miss the kids too much and as they grow up, they just get cuter and busier and more interesting,  I don’t want to miss a minute of it so I’ve decided I’m only going to be gone 65 days which is the coverage I get from the retired teachers travel insurance I have and even that may turn out to be too long.  Time will tell.  

We are taking the hotel shuttle to the airport at 7:55 for our 10:30 flight.  Mexico here we come!  

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