Monday, November 13, 2023

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico          November 13, 2023

I had a good sleep and after breakfast and a bit of lazing around walked to Old Town. Lynne still wasn’t feeling the best so she stayed in the room which was a good idea because it was really hot. I’m looking for a new kettle because the one I have has a European or who knows what other end so I need a converter end and it takes close to 10 minutes to boil a cup of water.  All the kettles for sale unfortunately hold close to two litres and that is too big for me to carry. No luck so far.

I stopped at Parroquia de Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe church-

which was built between 1930-1940 and truly isn’t that spectacular but is popular-

I carried on and came upon a well decorated tourist trap street filled with t-shirt and knick-knack shops-

After awhile and having drunk 2 pots of coffee - they’re small, I needed to find a bathroom, something hard to do so ended up eating guacamole in a restaurant (only so I could use the facilities).  It didn’t matter because I could eat it everyday anyway-

I then went looking for Listerine whitening mouthwash. It wasn’t available 2 days ago at a certain Guadalajara pharmacy but was today, at least 2 bottles were. It was $10 and is on Amazon for $60. I don’t think it’s “legal” in Canada. Afterwards I went searching again for the bar/restaurant I used to visit last time and confirmed it’s gone. A new condo is going up in its place. Such a shame. I kept walking and came to Pinocho’s, a great Canadian bar with cheap beer. I visited with a couple from Regina who are here for 2 weeks, staying in the woman’s brother’s place. To be funny, I asked if it happened to be in Molina de Agua- that’s where Viviane lives and they said yes it was! They’re on the 5th floor and she’s on the 7th. Lucky them.

Meanwhile, Lynne had texted to say she was feeling well so I went back to the hotel and we went to Walmart looking for more mouthwash. I’m telling you, our days are exciting! We found some and came back to the pool which was a great relief. After the pool, we went for a walk as the sun was setting and ran into Vivian on the Malecon. She led us towards a couple restaurants that were closed so eventually we made our way home. It was such a relief being in our room in the AC!

Tomorrow we are going to Sayulita!

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