Caspian Sea

The Caspian Sea with a couple of oil platforms in the distance-

The boat is a POS, probably 40 + years old.  Our cabin sleeps 4.  Luckily we have a window that opens and the breeze is excellent-

The toilet is disgusting.  The toilet paper goes in the large red garbage can or it will plug the toilets and flood the room.  There is no toilet seat.  The flush button is on the back of the toilet and you literally have to punch it really hard to get it to flush.  Only the odd person flushes so...........

We're on the ferry, slowly rocking, rocking, rocking.  We can see land but the boat dropped anchor about 8 tonight and we're waiting, again.

Around 1 am , we heard the chains of the anchor starting to pull it up.  We were awakened about 2 and then gathered in the foyer of the ship and guess what?  We waited and waited.  Most people lay down on the floor to sleep.  About 5:30 am we lined up for customs and by 8 this morning, we were on the road.


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