Saturday, July 5, 2014

Istanbul, Turkey

The morning started off with a visit to the Blue Mosque, the interior this time.  I had to wear a scarf to cover my knees and another to cover my head!

The word Islam means peace and submission.  It is a religion based on revelation believing in one God and the guidance revealed by God to the prophets such as Abraham, Moses, Solomon and Jesus.  Islam is not a new religion but the culmination of the basic truths revealed by God through his prophets to all the world (From "What is Islam?).

After the Blue Mosque, we went on a Bosphorous River cruise.  The river separates the continents of Asia and Europe.  Traffic is controlled by traffic lights.  Notice the red light in the middle of the picture-

This is the gravity anchored Bosphorous Suspension bridge.  It measures 1510 meters long.  Asia is on the right, Europe on the left-

The view from the river of the minarets and mosques-

Next we had a great lunch at Gelik.  These are meatballs, Turkish style!

And beef chop-

This is the sign for the women's WC at Gelik-

We've spent two wonderful days here.  Tomorrow we're heading for Gallipoli.


  1. Hws your tour going?? Its look like u enjoying a lot. I got your blog from linoel. Take care. If you have any question about india plz let me knw


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