Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Tblisi, Georgia

This is the Holy Trinity Cathedral.  It was constructed between 1995-2004 and is the third tallest Eastern Orthodox Church in the world-

Here's a full on view of the Bridge of Peace.  It crosses the  Kura (Mtkvari) River.

These domes are part of sulphur baths.  It is said that the sulphuric water is why Tblisi was built on this spot.  For 2 lari, or $1.25, I entered a communal changeroom and got naked.  The next room had 10 showers and 12 naked women of all shapes, sizes and ages scrubbing and shampooing and lathering.  For another 10 lari, or $6.25, I had a 10 minute massage on a fairly hard table in the corner of the shower room.  It was a very local Georgian experience-

A delicious waffle/ice-cream/chocolate dessert-

The view of the castle.  The blue lights are on the gondola cars-

In the morning we're off on the Military highway to Kazbegi which is in a mountain range close to the Russian border.  

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