Sunday, July 27, 2014

Sheki, Azerbaijan

There are numerous food stalls along the highway.  Melons-

Cold drinks and cooked corn-

As well as halvasi- candy which is made from peanuts, honey, sesame flour and whatever else they might add-

You never know what else you might have to slow down for-

There are billboards of the President everywhere-

There are huge entrance gates like this to cities.  This is the one at Sheki-

We visited the Khan Palace in Sheki, the summer home, which was built in 1797 but recently remodelled-

More intricate wood work on the exterior of the palace-

The stained glass windows are set in wooden latticework, without nails or glue.  This is Marianne in front of one of the beautiful windows-

There are many artisans in Sheki.  Hat makers-

and silversmiths-

Here are some other colorful shops-

This is a typical street scene-

Leaving Sheki, this is the scenery along the way.  It's a very dry climate!

Our next stop was at some mud volcanoes.  They are very weird, in fact, it seemed like we were on a different planet!

They bubble!

And cold mud flows down the sides-

Oil oozes out of the ground-

And there are pipelines everywhere!

Here is our bushcamp for the night-

Tomorrow, we're off to Baku to catch the ferry for Turkmenistan!

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