Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Veliko Tărnovo, Bulgaria

We left  Bucharest at 7 am and drove most of the day.  Here are some interesting sights along the way.

The Danube, separating Romania from Bulgaria-

Crops grown here are mainly sunflowers and wheat (I think it's wheat).  Farmers are in the process of harvesting.  They straightcut with combines similar to ours, just smaller.

The countryside-

A herd of sheep-

And their shepherd-

Close to Ivanovo, we stopped at the church of "The Holy Mother" which is in the valley of the Rousse Lom River.  It's a world heritage site because of the 25 frescoes painted in the Palaeologian style.  They are on the ceiling and were painted during the 14th century.  The scenes represent the gospel and their position suggests the monks were supporters of Hesychasm, a mystical school in orthodoxy.  The church is up in a cave in the side of a mountain.  

Here is the balcony to the church on the left-

This is the view from that balcony.  Notice the new shirt!

A fresco of the last supper-

The interior of the church-

We are now at a campground at Veliko Tărnovo.

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