Friday, July 25, 2014

Kazbegi, Georgia

Today was a lazy day for me.  While most people walked or took a cab up to the monastery and a few even continued on to the glacier, I stayed at the camp.

This is a view of the monastery (on the left) and the glacier (on the right).

We had a horrible night because there are 4 large dogs that live at this site who sleep all day and bark all night, chasing cattle, pigs and God knows what else away.

The camping site is a disaster, with garbage strewn everywhere and random people coming and going at odd hours.  This Georgian car pulled in around 6:30 am.  The men proceeded to get drunk, dancing to loud music, and then in the afternoon, calmed down, passed out in their car, one even puked in the stream and by 3 pm, they were gone.  Notice the bottles on the roof!

This Russian vehicle pulled in amongst our tents, had lunch on the grass behind their car, then slept in the back for a few hours-

This woman is using an electric fan to restart coals in the grate to cook our kebab.  She's wired the fan to the battery of her car.  The kebabs were great!

Tomorrow we're on the road again, heading towards Sheki in Azerbaijan!

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