Wednesday, July 9, 2014


Last night's bush camping was amazing!

My tent is on the far left.  No fly, three quarters of a moon, clear sky, wow!

We drove a lot today and it's harvest time.  They appear to straight cut everything-

The land changes so much.  Here is a massive dry lake-

Try farming these rocks!

After awhile, we came across a fertile valley-

There are very few grain bins here but I guess this is how they do it-

This is typical Turkey - a mosque, bale hauling and a city all combined into one-

These men are lifting a window up to a top floor in this building, by hand-

We saw quite a few of these permanent/temporary settlements along the way-

We stopped at the monastery in Selime.  Monks carved the monastery here in the 13th century.

This is the view from the monastery with a room on the left.  You can see how high up it is because our truck is on the bottom left-

This is the church-

This is the cathedral-

with frescoes on the walls-

There are lots of fairy chimneys or hoodoos. People live in some of them-

People also live in the caves-

This woman was watering her garden-

Some women relaxing-

We were supposed to be bush camping again tonight but while some of us were in the monastery, Will made a deal with a local campground so we're set up right by a small stream and having trout for supper!  Sweet!

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