Ometepe, Nicaragua, el veintiocho de deciembre, 2016

I went to Ometepe Island which is in Lake Nicaragua on this over crowded ferry-

I guess the good thing is that we all had, or most of us anyway, life jackets-

The island has a live volcano, Concepción on the left and Volcán Mederas, now extinct, on the right-

The beaches are black sand because of the volcanoes-

Until 1983, a road connected the island to the town of Rivas but rising lake water has made it impassable-

The Museo El Ceibo has many pre-Columbian artefacts, dating from 3500 years ago.  It was interesting to see how the styles changed from plain colors and simple to blues and reds and other decorations-

Graves were filled with jewellery, pottery and funeral urns in the shape of wombs, because that's where we have come from-

There were also rocks carved for tattooing, whistles, very ornate funeral urns in the forms of goddesses and trinkets-

The Butterfly Farm at Charco Verde was beautiful-

Huge moth like things enjoyed the watermelon and papaya-

Orange coconuts!  Small papaya, the 'Tarzan' tree and a termite nest were along the walk-

I ordered fried fish for lunch but never expected it to look like this-

It was deep fried because it lets a person eat more.  There are more bones than meat but the frying softens the bones.  The tail was also edible, tasting like potato chips!  I don't think I'll order it again!

Unfortunately the day was really windy-

So the waves were huge, and it was too cloudy to see the top of Concepción-

We visited what I thought was a 'hot' spring but it's only a spring fed natural pool.  It was warmer than Jackfish though and very clean-

Even though it rained off and on, it was a great day.  The ferry coming home was even more crowded but we made it!

Looking forward to moving on to Laguna Apoyo tomorrow!


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