Friday, December 23, 2016

Adios León, Nicaragua, el veintiuno de deciembre, 2016

After another great breakfast, me gusta tocino, I bought Carolyn's and my bus tickets for when we fly  back to Managua from Little Corn Island.  We'll be taking the bus from Managua to San Pedro Sula, Honduras, leaving at 5 am.  We're on an 'executive class' bus so that means we get a pillow, blanket and food so we don't have to stop, except at borders.  We also got the best seats-right in front, opposite side of the driver.  It's been a hassle trying to buy the tickets online so I'm glad I found an actual ticket office.  Don't tell Carolyn about the early departure though.  I want it to be a surprise!! :)  :)  

After that, I visited Centro de Arte Fundación Ortiz-Gurdián.  Unfortunately I couldn't take pictures of any of the paintings, only one of the gardens-

You can see some of the works on the walls.  They were mostly done by Central American artists but there were some by Salvidore Dali, Pablo Picasso, Marc Chagall and Joan Miró.  I really liked some of them; it's hard to imagine how they can do such shading and depth perception with a paint brush.

Later, I caught a cab ($1.15) to the terminal and pretended I was a sardine in the back seat of a van while 17 of us made our way to Managua for $2.48.  The man I was sitting beside helped me get a cab to my hotel.  My hotel said it should cost no more than $9.22 but the 'fake' cabby wouldn't bring me for less than $10.30.  I guess that was okay, seeing as I paid $16.12 only 3 days ago.  Then, the cabby asked me for a tip after I paid him.  I laughed.

The streets of Managua are well decorated for Navidad.  I would love to see these displays in the night all lit up-

The big white fan coral is a permanent metal structure.  They are different colors and everywhere around the city-

I'm in a great, new, small hotel and I am meeting Minishes tomorrow morning!  Looking forward to it!

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