Friday, December 16, 2016

Mi Ultimo Dia en Quetzaltelango, el dieciséis de deciembre

I can't believe I'm writing this but already 7 weeks of school have come to an end!  Some days seemed to drag but in reality, time flew!  I have learned a lot of Spanish and can converse quite easily, even if I don't always use the right verb tense I can definitely make myself understood.  So it has been a successful 7 weeks!  And Xela gave me a gift this morning: my first earthquake!  It woke me up about 5 am and while I was awake, lasted about 5 seconds.  Pretty cool!  Apparently it registered at 5.6. 

After class I spent the afternoon sitting in the sun, enjoying my freedom and feeling sad!  So funny.  At first, I only wanted to stay a week, and now that 2 are over, I'm sad and could easily stay here.  Not with this family but definitely in Xela.  Weird.  I know that as soon as I get on the shuttle tomorrow morning at 8 am and am on my way, I'll be excited and looking forward to what's next.  

Tonight was a Christmas party at the school.  We drew names early in the week and had to spend $6.  I bought Nigel 3 large beer and I got a journal!  Lucky!  I also received my diploma-

Magdelina also gave me a gift:  my very own worry dolls and a gold candle!  Pretty cool!  


  1. I am not very fluent in Spanish so I guess at some of your comments Congratulations on the certificate. Enjoy the next part of your journey.

  2. You're in another part of the world this Christmas exchanging gifts. I recall last your you had the giraffe salad servers. How time flyers, so many adventures.


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