Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Las Penitas, Nicaragua, el veinte de deciembre, 2016

The beach at Las Penitas is only 20 km from León, so after finding Tika Bus to check out tickets for Carolyn and me to travel from Managua to San Pedro Sula in February, and after having a great breakfast with bacon!!!!, I was on my way in a chicken bus no less-

This one was pretty souped up becasue it had a television that played DVDs.  I guess one might as well be watching something during the long trips!  The driver looked like San Simon or Maximón.  I don't think there are many Maya here so they won't worship him.  

Along the way-

It looks pretty dry and there are few cultivated fields.  I have seen a few cattle though.

The beach was pretty much deserted-

The view from my chair-

1 litre beer is a way better deal-

I enjoyed my fourth ceviche for lunch.  Am I going to keep track forever how many I've had?  Not sure, but this one was definitely different because it wasn't a tomato base.  It was delicious but too small-

I was bragging to Jane about my view so she sent me her's-

Hmmmm.  Pretty cute!

Tomorrow I'm back to the Tica bus shop to buy tickets, then to a museum, then off to Managua.  

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