Sunday, December 25, 2016

Fun in the Sun, el veinticuatro de deciembre, 2016

We went for a drive and our first stop was at the bombas market-

It was hard to decide-

They have cows/bulls that are 'wired'-

And men that will be set on fire New Year's Eve-

We spent the afternoon at Playa Maderas-

which is very popular with surfers.  There is no undertow-

On our way home we stopped for a beer and listened to howler monkies in the jungle-

Brooklyn is so cute and good-

Mark made sure the bombas work-

While visiting one of many bars, we saw Mary passing by on a donkey-

followed by angels and musicians-

She met Joseph at the inn-

My 'check liver light' came on last night I'm pretty sure.  We had supper prepared but not cooked and for some reason, kept leaving the house and going downtown.  The town was rocking!  We met Jeff Morley, a journalist from Washington, D.C. who has written a few books-

He came home with us and we gave him a Saskatchewan point of view on climate change and politics.  Not sure what he thought about our visit!

Looking forward to a ball game tomorrow!

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