Friday, December 9, 2016

Quetzaltelango, Guatemala, el ocho de deciembre, 2016

School is going great!  My teacher Magdelina-

is excellent.  Sol Latino is smaller than my last 2 schools but that's fine with me.  

Most students study inside.  I was in a very small room with another teacher and student so it was impossible not to hear what they were saying so we moved-

to this little cubbyhole until it warms up and then we go outside-

and sit in the sun.  

There is a ping pong table and coffee and water available inside-

Yesterday nine of us walked up to Cerro de Baul where the view of Xela is pretty good-

There is a concrete slide so people sit on squished plastic bottles and go flying down.  It seems dangerous because most get air over the humps and the end wall is pretty close to the finish line.  I could "see" people going flying over the wall-

On my way home, I ran into Kevin, a yoga instructor at Yoga House.  He invited me in for free and one hour and forty minutes later, I limped away.  It was very good but the mats are dirty, the room is dingy and not ventilated so towards the end of the class the walls were wet from all the deep breathing.  He could contort himself like I've never seen.  Sitting on the floor, he brought his leg straight up beside him.  It looked like he had his hand up in a classroom but it was his leg!  Then from the lotus position, he lifted himself up, then straightened his legs.  I wish I could have taken pictures!  

Today's activity was at the Museo Ixkik' del Traje Maya.  Unfortunately pictures were not allowed but the best thing I learned was how lucky I was to live with my family in San Pedro.  All the women - 3 generations, wore traditional clothes like what I saw today!  I've been pretty lucky with my placements - Antigua Guatemala: a tourist town and a modern family, San Pedro: a typical pueblo and a traditional Tz'utujil family and now Xela - a modern city with a modern family.  All so very interesting and different.

Walking home from the Museo-

and everyone is in the Christmas mood-

Tomorrow is salsa dancing at 8 pm.  I hope to go but I get pretty lazy after supper so we'll see.......

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