Travel Day - Lanquin to Flores, Guatemala el ocho de inero, 2017

It poured all night!  It's very weird because it is not the rainy season, however this morning the roads were not a muddy mess.  They are mainly rock so were very passable.  

Today's route-

I was picked up from Viñas Hotel at 8, then waited in the town until 9 when the shuttle was full: 15 people.  It was next to impossible to find proper information on the Internet about transportation from Lanquin to Flores.  It is simple and hotels can also arrange it - no problem!  

We stopped numerous times along the way.  In a gas station, you can buy separate pills including tiamina - vitamin B1, cold relief, anti inflammatory and kidney pills ... All for pennies-

As we drove further north, the mountains disappeared-

but what's up with the poles?

This fence should keep something in-

We came to a river but didn't have to wait long for the ferry-

We stopped for gas and got "the full meal deal"-

Guards are a common site everywhere: grocery stores, banks and gas stations.  They just stand around holding rifles or shotguns.  I've never seen one of them have to use their weapon-

My room in Flores is sweet-

I look out onto the lake but it's too dark to take a picture...tomorrow!  Looking forward to 5 nights here!


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