Friday, January 6, 2017

Rio Dulce to Lanquin Guatemala, el seis de inero, 2017

The trip from Rio Dulce to Lanquin takes 5.5 hours and is 191 km-

The trip started out flat and on pretty good highway-

Then, the road went to shit but this photo shows nothing of what we drove through-

The road was very rough with huge potholes, dusty and sometimes muddy.  We went up and down.  At times  we were driving along the crest of the mountains with valleys on either side-

There was neither shoulder nor barriers.  The picture does not show the sharp drop off or the depth of the valley.  This is looking down-

An hour into the trip, we picked up some hitchhikers.  6 men piled on top with crates and baskets while 7 women and children climbed in with us-

They would have had a hot and dusty ride and have had to have hung on for dear life!!

They are building a new road.  We met many many trucks-

The views are fabulous but the drive is so tough.  The driver goes to Rio and back to Lanquin every day, seven days a week!  He deserves a medal!

Quite a few people live along the road.  I am not sure how they make a living - 

It sure isn't on road repair!  Coffee is drying in the sun.

Looking forward to the pools and caves at Semuc Champey!

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