Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Caye Caulker, January 24-26, 2017

My days are basically the same.  I wake up early, make coffee, read the Star Phoenix (don't ask me why), go for a walk, find breakfast or make it, lay on the dock or the beach, maybe get wet if I get too hot, eat lunch, read a book, lay some more on the deck, go for another walk, have a beer or two, go for another walk, go to bed.  Not too exciting but I'm taking the motto of Caulker to heart:  Go slow!

I have, however, seen a few interesting things.  

The owner of the Roughrider Inn is from Regina but not here right now-

I also found another Rider No Trespassing sign.  The couple that lives there is from Saskatoon and have built 3 minimalist houses to rent out to friends and family.  Also, while buying coffee grounds for the journey ahead, I visited with the former director of education of Compton, California!  I know Nico would have been over the moon to meet him!  Nico used to have on his FB page that he was from Compton High.  The director had 1800 teachers working for him and only 2 were white.  The only part that wasn't 'true' in the movie was the bussing.  No one in Compton gets bussed.  In L.A., yes but not in Compton.  I've not seen the movie so I can't comment.  It's such a cool world.  

The Iguana Reef Inn cultivates sea horses.  They were either yellow or grey.  I've never seen one before so this was pretty special.  They grow to 6 or 7 inches and live 4 to 6 years, according to the guide at the resort-

The Queen Conch is a large edible sea snail that lives inside this beautiful shell.  They have a large muscular foot that they use to slide around the ocean floor.  Only one in 10,000 produce a pearl so needless to say, pearls are very rare.  It takes 3 to 5 years for a conch to become an adult.  The shell grows 3 inches every year.  Adults mate during July to October.  Females lay 300,000 eggs on the beach in sacs and multiple males fertilize the eggs.  During the first year of life, the babies bury themselves in the sand to grow their shell.  A conch can live up to 40 years if it's left alone.  Conch is on the menu today but it is illegal during the reproductive months (July - October).  Shells are plentiful on Caulker-

Tomorrow I leave with Raggamuffin Tours on a 3 day, 2 night sailing trip to Dangriga, Belize.  Activities on the boat include fishing - with rods and spears, helping to sail, snorkeling, eating and drinking.  I am very excited!

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