Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Livingston, Tortugal - Rio Dulce, Guatemala, el cuatro de inero, 2017

I had a great sleep and woke up headache free!  After breakfast, I wandered around Livingston for a couple of hours.  

I had breakfast on the end of the dock, looking back to my hotel-

Making tortillas-

Not sure if this place would pass our food service code!

Brown pelicans-

Waiting at the buffet table-


There's a lot of graffiti around town depicting the Garifuna culture.  The Garifuna are descendants from escaped African slaves (17th century) and Caribs, living along the Caribbean in Central America.  They are farmers and fishermen, growing mainly cassava-

Garifuna practice a combination of Catholicism and their traditional religion which has African and Amerindian influences.  Their Jesus is black-


And todo-

is split-

heavily salted and dried in the sun for 3 days before it's shipped to Guatemala City-

Gross is all I can say!

I had the best ever Piña Colada and ceviche-

I caught the 2:30 boat back to Rio Dulce.  We stopped to drop passengers off at a cool resort hidden away down the narrow path on the left-

Mangrove trees grow in coastal saline or brackish water-

I'm staying for 2 nights at Tortugal.  Tonight's room is pretty normal-

But the bathroom is special.  The tub is made of cement-

I've never had a bath in a cement tub!  This must be a classy place because I have a bidet too!  I haven't had a bidet since I was in France years ago-

Looking forward to kayaking and visiting the Castillo tomorrow!

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  1. Classy bathroom with 3 rolls of toilet paper, some days it's none and then 3.


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