Thursday, January 5, 2017

Tortugal, Rio Dulce Guatemala, el cinco de inero, 2017

I was up bright and early-

To kayak-

to the Castillo which surprisingly was open-

The moat-

Tortugal, where I am staying, is also a marina for sailboats and yachts.  People are from all over the world, including a few from Ontario.  Woody sailed down 15 years ago and keeps his boat here for our spring/summer/fall, then sails to Belize where he spends the winter.  Sounds like a lot of fun to me!

I have never kayaked before so it was a learning experience!  I took my phone and probably shouldn't have because my IPad charging cord is broken and unless I find a new cord, it is going to die.  If I had destroyed my phone in the river, I would have been in big trouble.  My left coat pocket did get wet; it dragged in the water!  Luckily my phone was in the other pocket.  I was more careful after that!  When I  got to the Castillo and pulled up onto the shore, a boat went by and swamped my kayak!  Luckily my phone was in my mouth only because I was wearing my pyjamas, so had no bra to stuff my phone in!  Luckily, we all made it back safe: my phone dry but me not so much!

After breakfast, I walked to Rio Dulce.  It got hotter and hotter.  I was in search of tapado and the best available.  I was told to cross the bridge-

And find Rancho Mary.  I did and because I was as red as a tomato-

The waitress took pity on me and brought some fish soup broth that was excellent-

Everything is served with limes, pimiento salsa and salt!

Tapado is a traditional sopa with a coconut milk base, crab, shrimp, plantains, rice and a large poached fish-

The fish on the plate and the broth were excellent, but there wasn't half a teaspoon of crab inside that shell.  I left very disappointed.

Once back to Tortugal, I checked into my new room.  When I made my reservation back in November/December, I planned on being here January 5 and 6 so that's how I booked.  When I changed my plans to the 4th and 5th, my original room was only available on the 5th, so I had to choose another - the cave I slept in last night.  I complained that according to, I was supposed to be in a garden view room.  Well, there weren't any windows to have a view of any kind and I paid $15 more for the cave than my new room which Is pretty sweet.  I even have my own bathroom-

 Looking forward to moving on to Semuc Champey.  

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