Sunday, January 22, 2017

Caye Caulker, January 21, 2017

Caulker is basically a one street town-

with hotels and shops on one side and the ocean-

on the other.  There are actually 3 streets running the length of the island with homes, apartments and probably lower priced hotels back from the water.  There is even an airstrip!

There is a bank, 6 grocery stores, a bakery, numerous restaurants of all caliber and cultures, street vendors, food carts and my favorite-

During the day, I swim, read, go for walks and eat.  It's pretty laid back to say the least.  During the day, it's about 30 degrees but there is always a breeze that helps.  The water is clear and warm and the floor of the ocean is sandy.  I've met quite a few people staying at Blue Wave - lots from Canada but so far I haven't met anyone from Saskatchewan.

I ate at Pasta Per Caso, an Italian place that offers one meat and one vegetarian pasta choice as well as a salad that changes nightly.  The wine was good but cost $9.33 for 4.5 ounces!  I couldn't believe the small quantity in the glass when the waitress brought it out!  The food was good but I really liked the lights-

hanging above the tables!

Looking forward to a couple dives tomorrow! 

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