Friday, January 13, 2017

San Ignacio, Belize, January 13, 2017

Flores to San Ignacio, Belize is only 106 km-

but the bus ride was a first for me with-

wifi in a moving vehicle!  Service was great too!

Along the way-

I didn't see any cultivated fields at all - just lots of pasture, quite a few cattle and a few goats.

A money changer hopped on the bus - I learned from my Africa trip that their rates are always better than the banks and bus companies usually won't let them on if they are crooks or if it's a bad deal.  Having the XE Currency app on my phone is also really useful.   I didn't want to cash in any U.S. money so I just changed my quetzals.  It's always wise to get rid of currency at the border because the banks don't want it and once a few miles down the road, you're stuck with it - forever!

Leaving Guatemala was free and quick, as was entering Belize.  In no time I had checked into my room at Bella's Backpackers in San Ignacio-

After exploring the town I used the ATM at the SCOTIABANK!!  and it worked, no problem!

English is the language of choice here, unfortunately!  How can I practice and improve my Spanish?

I'm here for 4 nights which seems like a lot considering the size of the town but there is a lot to do.  Tomorrow, 2 Americans and I have rented a car and we're going to Caracol which is a Maya ruin.

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