Meghalaya, Shillong, India

We have 200 km to go today and it's supposed to take 8 hours.  That should explain the roads and traffic we're dealing with!

Stalls along the way - garlic and onions-

Meat-  I love the refrigeration!

Working with bamboo-

Bamboo collection point-

Rickshaws are everywhere-


Notice the suspended net-

Here is what we travelled through.  Sometimes we drive in the right lanes, sometimes in the left.

Instead of working on a few miles at a time, it seems that all of India is under construction-

The switch-backy road was through mountains where it looked like there had been landslides-

To complicate matters, it was raining-

Shillong, the former capital of Assam from 1874, is now, since 1972, in the state of Meghalaya (The Abode of the Clouds).  We arrived in the dark - 5:30 so it was difficult to find a hotel.  An hour later, we moved into a hostel type place.  It was fine.

We're working our way to Myanmar, hoping to cross October 15th, as the FIRST OVERLAND TRUCK EVER through this particular border!  


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