Tuesday, October 28, 2014


We were on the road early and here's what we saw-

These are rubber trees with small pails attached, apparently to collect the sap???

Water has flooded this rice field.  Notice the farmer on the left side-

Barbeque anyone?  We didn't try this particular stand but we tried another and it was great!  Two chunks of chicken with perfect flavor just randomly along the road-

Whitening cream for men!

We had to cross a mountain pass-

so we had quite a few cars backed up, numerous times-

We came up from this valley.  There are lots of tight switchbacks so traffic is limited to one direction/day because of the narrow road-

Marianne found some orange bananas.  They taste starchy, bitter and lots like an unripe yellow one-

We crossed quite easily into Thailand at Mae Sot and waiting for our truck to come through, I checked out some food stalls - 


Boiled eggs on a stick-

The toilets are different and difficult but clean!  Not sure why you're up on a pedestal as it makes it hard to hit the hole without taking out your flipflops first!

There are 7-11s here, quite well stocked with junk food.  Here are some packaged sandwiches with something nasty looking inside-

Our hotel in Tak is called Takandaman.  Some of us are willing to take a chance with Tak rather than andaman :)  We're off to Chiang Mai tomorrow!

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