Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Inle Lake, Myanmar

Today was the most amazing day!

The river connects Inle Lake to Nyaung-shwe.  Inle Lake is 13.5 miles long and 7 miles wide.  

Boats waiting for customers-

Homes on stilts and a woman doing her washng-

The fishermen have a paddle wrapped around one leg which allows them to manoeuvre their boat while fishing-

This is a working river and lake so there is a lot of traffic.  They fransport everything!


Barrels of ....

Boxes of .....

and even a live pig-

We went to a silver workshop.  This is silver ore-

It's chemically separated, then heated to produce-

The silver strips are rolled to make a bangle-

Passing through a village-


A home made with mats of woven bamboo that even has satellite tv-

Souvenirs at a market-

Lacquer ware-

Pails of lacquer-

Betel making-

There are a lot of betel chewers and this is what the ground looks like from all their spitting!

Fibres from the lotus plant are used in weaving.  A small scarf costs $75!

We went to a knife making workshop.  Two men used sledge hammers to shape the hot blade-

A boat takes a month to make and sells for $2500.  They're made from teak wood-

Floating gardens of the Inthe tribe-

Cigar making-

Today was a fantastic day!  The weather was great and the sights were amazing!

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