Saturday, October 4, 2014

Chitwan National Park, Nepal

This morning we were off on an elephant ride.  Here are some of the village homes along the way.  They are very simple with few furnishing, often a piece of cloth hangs in place of a door, animals live right next to the house, the yard is dirt and there is a hand pump for water-

There were four of us in a basket on top of the elephant-

We wandered around Chitewan National Park for about an hour, hoping to see a rhino, a sloth bear, or, if we were super lucky, a tiger.  We didn't see a thing!

Our elephant pilot controlled Dumbo by pressing a stick on his neck-

The jungle-

Here come Greg, Alison, Corinne and Dennis-

There were close to 50 elephants lumbering around-

This one had a nice paint job-

It is very hot and humid so the afternoon was spent lazing around, enjoying our beautiful hotel.  Saturday was another hot, lazy day but I did manage a walk to the river -

Lunch today was a first:  I had a pizza with little chunks of carrot and cauliflower, chicken and some tomato paste!

This afternoon we had a truck clean and tonight will be relaxing.  

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