Monday, October 6, 2014

Nepal, Siliguri, India

Last night, because of the humidity, it seemed like it was 'raining' in my tent... drip, drip!  My sleeping bag, pillow, and clothes were very wet this morning.

We had visitors while we ate breakfast-

And then, we were heading for the border. 

Here's another Dashain Ping swing.  Dashain honors the HIndu Goddess Durga.  The swing is made of bamboo and other wood.

The other day during our elephant ride, Dumbo would stop to eat sugar cane.  Here it is planted-

These women are busy collecting grasses from the water-

And she is hauling them away-

I'm not sure what this fellow is up to, but he's harvesting grass or something!

More overloaded buses-

Packing them in!

And speaking of overload, there were 16, one six, SIXTEEN people in this van.  They were on their way to visit a temple to celebrate Dashain-

Here's a fancy entrance to a toilet.  Notice the man's Nepalese hat-

And it was a very small toilet!  I'm not sure who could hit this target-

The colorful traffic-

If you think our bushcamping is bad (it's  not), try this-

or this-

Village after village, the houses and stores are so colorful-

The scenery changed yet again-

and then the forest was filled with graves scattered randomly-

Our time in Nepal has passed so quickly.  The people are super friendly, generally very thin, usually smiling and often wearing colorful clothing.  They live simple lives and seem happy in spite of the fact they are poor.  Many don't seem to work as towns and villages are filled with people just hanging out although someone has to be farming.

We arrived at the border and very quickly, we knew we were in India.

  This was the posting at the border-

I had a drink of sugar cane, lime and salt.  It wasn't the best-

Poor Shaz has been mozzie attacked!

Another toilet with a very small hole!

Today is Eid, so it's a "dry" day  :(   but the tandoori oven was working.  Here's tandoori chicken-

After the meal, they bring sugar and anise.  You put both in your mouth as an after dinner mint-

This sign is on a door in our hotel-

This is our room.  I love the way the curtain "fits" the window and how it goes around the A/C unit!  Also, the tv is attached to the wall, but it doesn't swing out for viewing.  There are also random light fixtures, switches and plug ins on the walls!  It's funny.

We're staying in Siliguri tonight and then on to Darjeeling tomorrow!  This is the action outside our hotel.  It slows down a little late at night but starts up again early.  Honking, honking, honking!


  1. The swing looks very precarious, were you able to test it? How was the tandoori chicken? I love tandoori chicken, but am too lazy to make it with all of the ingredients it requires and I am the only one who seems to like it. Thank you for posting pictures with your narration. You are creating quite a story.

  2. Very lucky you were able to camp in India, we put up our tents and was preparing our evening meal and a gang appeared and started throwing stones at the truck and us, we left very quickly, leaving our evening meal and camp fire burning, just packed up our tents and left, rather fast

    That was a long night on the road trying to find somewhere else to camp and make a meal


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