Sunday, October 5, 2014

Nepal, India

India here we come!  We're expecting 2 bush camps along the way but as the population increases, it becomes more and more difficult to camp without hundreds of visitors, so we'll see.

This is a truck bar at our hotel-

Here are what I think are bananas, but I'm not sure. They had big leafy leaves-

Dasain, Nepal's biggest annual festival, lasts 15 days during September and October. It's a time when people return to their home villages to be with family and show respect to their elders.  On the 9th day, many animals are slaughtered as offerings.  People wear tikka- a mixture of curd, rice and coloring on their foreheads as a sign of happiness.  Huge swings are erected at the entrances of towns-

There are many people using public transport.  Buses are filled to overflowing, with suitcases, people and goats riding on top.  Here's a small bus loaded right up-

It's rice harvesting time.  All cutting and gathering is done manually-

We crossed many dry river beds.  It seems sort of strange because monsoon season has just ended.

This is the restaurant where we had lunch - dahl baht again, this time with goat- not the best we've had-

The inside is also the family's home.  The sleeping area is separated from the tables with a cloth curtain.  The floor is dirt-

Their toilet is on the left and the hand pump for washing is on the far right-

Because of Dasain, sweets are very important.  This dessert was everywhere, swarming with wasps. Honey is a popular sweetener-

This is a dessert stand-

These women were just hanging out.  Notice the henna hand and many bangles, as well as the tikki on the forehead-

The streets are packed with small food booths-

and many people and buses, returning home-

Here is some of the traffic Will has to contend with.  He says he's just getting ready for India!  Yikes!

Not all of it is human!

We had our second flat tire of the trip.  We worked like a fine team and it was changed in no time.  We provided entertainment for a village as we had quite an audience-

This woman passed by, on her way home-

Bush camp tonight.  It is still very hot and humid so hope it cools down.  It's definitely a no fly night!

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