Tuesday, October 14, 2014


Today was Day 2 from HELL. We managed 20 km/h and it seemed like there were more police checks than in China, if you can believe that!  The only saving grace is that the scenery is beautiful!

More toilet stops-

In the restaurant for lunch, when I asked for a toilet, the woman asked if it was for number one or two. I said one, so she led me to the back of her house/restaurant, to pee on some boards, where they also take showers-

We crossed a lot of bridges-

but this one was the nastiest-

It cost our left signal light-

Some of the going was difficult, but where there's a WILL, there's a way!

There were 22 people travelling with this vehicle: 18 inside and 4 hanging on the outside-

After lunch, I tried some betle -  I just about puked because I swallowed the juice.  It's a mixture of leaf, tobacco, nuts and other secret ingredients that you chew, then spit-

Funny Indian road signs-

More great scenery.  I swear that has to be a golf couse, but no one here believes me! LOL!

There were no hotels available in Imphal - Black Day tomorrow so there were police everywhere waiting for .... who knows what.  There have been a few bombs detonated in the last month.  We had to sleep in the truck by a petrol station because we're also out of diesel-

Tomorrow we cross into Myanmar!

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