Thursday, October 16, 2014

Monywa, Myanmar

This morning didn't go so well-

I don't think the telephone lines are still in use because no one was too upset.  The wooden cross bars ended up on top of the cab!  We're just glad it didn't come through the front windows!

There are huge differences here- little to no garbage!, the people are very friendlly and happy (although they have been for the most part all along), the houses are nicer - there is a lot less squalor, the roads are better, and the biggest, noticeable difference- no horn honking!

The scenery remains beautiful-

Newly planted teak trees-

This is quite a load, although I think they were empty-

Buddhist stupas are everywhere-

Roads in Burma are generally a paved strip in the middle, unless they are just bumpy gravel.

The second golf course I've seen!

Lunch was delicious!  This is curry chicken, green chilis, fire hot red chilis, tomato/onion salad, potatoes, asparagus and green beans, curry pork, and in the center, water cress soup.  Coconut oil and chilis are used for flavor- 

This woman came along after lunch.  She was quite the chatter box but couldn't speak a word of English!

People use a paste made from the thanakha tree as a skin remedy and for sun block-

Carbon dating has proven that the world's first primate was found in the forest we've driven through!

Today was supposed to be a 6-8 hour drive but it took 13 hours, witih a 1 hour lunch break!  None of our guides knows what miles or kilometers mean it seems.

The branches of the trees are quite low and slap the sides of our truck as we travel down the streets.  About a mile from the hotel, a large branch shattered our front left window!  Here is the patch job!

We're spending the night in Monywa and will get a new window tomorrow in Mandalay.

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