Monday, October 13, 2014

Silchar, India

Happy Thanksgiving!

We're on our way to Silchar but it is sooooo painfully slow.  We're able to go about 20 km/hour, if we're lucky!

This is India-

There are a lot of Christian churches, Buddhist and Hindu temples and Muslim mosques-

We went through an area with lots of coal.  We couldn't see the mine but they load the trucks by hand-

Bangladesh is in the distance-

Today was the worst driving day yet.  We managed about 20 km/h through rough, busy road, then in Silchar, there were no hotels available so Will drove until 11 pm when he pulled into a gravelly, excavated area.  Only a few of us put up our tents, the rest planned to sleep on the truck, but the police arrived and told us the area was unsafe - there were looters.  We were forced to pack up, drive another 7 km to the police station and stay there.  I slept in my tent and had a great 4 and a half hours in spite of the loud music that seemed to play forever!  We're leaving at 5 in the morning with the hope of making Imphal tomorrow!

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  1. You are doing a very different route than we did in 2012, we never saw any of this, we used trains and buses, night buses


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