Monday, December 9, 2019

Creel, Chihuahua, Mexico, el nueve de Deciembre, 2019

My tour started at 9, but that means closer to 9:30 Mexican time.  Seven of us squished into a white Suburban - yikes!  They’re everywhere so not to worry.  Our first stop was at the home of Dona de Petra.  She lives in a cave-

Inside was nice and warm.  She was busy making coffee for a visitor-

 Her bed is in the corner-

and she must have known she’d have company because it’s made!  She heats her home and cooks with wood-

It’s a big stop for tourists so there are stalls of souvenirs.  What’s new?  I like these women wood choppers-

There are also dried herbs and leaves for tea-

We carried on into a valley-

 to the Cascada Casarare-

which are 90 meters high-

and fed by the Cusarare River-

The rocks are very cool.  Years of wind and water erosion have transformed the limestone into crazy shapes-

There were quite a few kids hanging out-

at their Mom’s stalls-

Not sure why they aren’t in school!

Our next stop was at the Piedra del Elefante (Elephant Rock).  You have to have a good imagination-

Next we stopped in the Raramuri community of San Ignacio de Arareco to see the Jesuit Mission of San Ignacio which was established during the first half of the 18th century-

The front is simple-

Outside is a cross where in the ‘good old days’ if someone in the community did something wrong, they were tied to the cross and whipped, then expelled from the village-

Cruising along we stopped at the Lago de Arareko-

Nearby is the Valle de las Ramas (frogs)-

Right beside is the valle de los hongos (mushrooms)-

There were more tourist stalls with cute statues-

and a matching ornament-

The Desert Rose stone is very strange looking and is used for healing and transferring energy-

The sunny morning turned into a cloudy, windy and rainy afternoon so I was glad when the tour was over.  Some women with us were heading to Chihuahua right afterwards so we dropped them off at the bus station where I noticed there are numerous buses going to Chihuahua, not just the one I booked at 2:15.  I already have a ticket but can use it for an earlier departure if I so wish.  It started pouring around 3:00 and hasn’t quit so there may be snow on the ground in the morning!  What am I doing here? I’ll be moving on!

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