Wednesday, December 25, 2019

Feliz Navidad de Guanajauto, Mexico 2019

I had a relaxing morning and then thought I better get a move on to enjoy the fine weather.  I headed up, not really knowing where I was going but hoping I’d come to some sort of mirador.  El Pipila was erected in honour of Juan José de los Reyes Martinez who performed a heroic act on September 28, 1810 in the first battle of the War of Independence when he burned down the door of the Alhóneiva de Granaditas-        

The view from up top is awesome-

Walking down I spotted a butterfly-

It was a day for wandering. I came across el Templo de San Juan Bautista, now called San Francisco-

It was built in 1828 and changed names when it became part of the Franciscan order-

Pretty weird beams of light there Scotty.

This apartment was well ready for Navidad-

I love how the Indian Laurels are groomed-

Another nice square, just around the corner-

Quaint streets-

Statues of Miguel de Cervantes and Jorge Negrete, le Charro Cantor-

There’s quite a tunnel system for cars and pedestrians.  It’s like the city is built in layers-

The Teatro Juarez was built in the late 1800s.  The tall ornate columns give the city a European flair.  It’s a popular place for buskers-

The Callejón de Beso, kissing Alley, had to have 200 people lined up to take a picture of themselves kissing.  It’s just down the hill and around the corner from where I’m living.  The local legend tells of a young girl from a well-to-do family who fell in love with a poor miner boy.  Her parents did not approve of him so he rented the room across this narrow alley from the girl’s room and at night they would sneak out to their balconies and kiss across the little alleyway. Sometimes the boy would climb into the girl’s room and one night her father caught them in the act.  In a fit of rage, the father stabbed and killed his daughter.  Meanwhile, the boy tried to escape out the window but fell to his death in the alleyway below.  The superstition lives on that if you kiss in the alley, you will have seven years of good luck-

The Collegiate Basilica of our Lady of Guanajuato-

was built between 1671 and 1696.  It is in baroque and neo-classical styles and was built by the miners of the city.  The pipe organ has 1098 tubes-

The Fountain of Plaza Baratillo is a Florentine style fountain with a pedestal holding four bronze fish, a characteristic of the 19th century-

There are many men and a few women dressed in costume roaming the streets, selling tickets to the nightly callejoneadas. They are one hour evening strolls through Guanajuato’s alleyways and plazas accompanied by strolling musicians singing, dancing and storytelling-

They were performing in front of the Templo de San Diego de Alfaía-

I haven’t gone yet but will one of these evenings.  I saw a lot today and am looking forward to tomorrow and what surprises might be around the next corner.

I didn’t have turkey or ham for Christmas supper but something better-

Today was a better day than yesterday that’s for sure. I did lose my hat though - I had it velcroed to my belt loop and it either fell off or I left it in a shop.  I’ll backtrack a bit tomorrow to see if I can find it.  It really helps to keep the sun off my face.  Happy Christmas 2019!


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