Friday, December 20, 2019

San Luis Potosí to Querétero, Mexico, el veinte de Deciembre, 2019

I spent too long waiting at the bus depot but hadn’t written down any information about my ticket except a password so I had to make sure I was there in plenty of time and at the right company’s desk. It took two tries but they found my reservation and then I sat in the freezing waiting room for two hours waiting for a late bus. Once it arrived, things were good and it was a three hour trip to Queratera, then another half hour with Uber to my place which is very nice-

I’m in the Centro Historico so am looking forward to wandering for the next three days.  I hadn’t eaten much all day so went looking for a decent restaurant and found Los Monjes - The Monks.  The house was built in 1736 and used as a convent.  It’s gigantic and lovely-

I went for.a look around and found one of the kitchens-

I started with bread sticks, average buns but great oil with dried chilies and too hot salsa-

My main course was mole gachupin with chicken breast and the best frijoles I’ve ever eaten.  The waiter said it was a secret recipe but then told me it’s beans with onion, epazonte which is a herb and just before serving you add a tablespoon of pork fat.  That was the deliciousness-

 I looked around a bit but it was dark so headed home for the night.  I don’t have a tv so will have to read my book.  It’s warmer +18, thank goodness so I’m looking forward to exploring tomorrow.

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