Monday, December 16, 2019

Zacatecas to San Luis Potosí, Mexico, el dieciseis de Deciembre, 2019

I saw a cambio booth Saturday very near to me so thought I’d change some money before I left town but the rate had dropped from 18.30 to 17.50 so I didn’t bother.  However, nearby I discovered the market.  These are the best places to eat because the food is authentic and it’s cheap.  There’s all kind of pork and pollo in different sauces with loads of chilies but my favourite is the mole which really comes from Oaxaca but that’s okay/. Anyone can follow a recipe-

I had just eaten breakfast so wasn’t hungry, although I did buy a chile relleno for later-

Unfortunately it was really greasy but I ate it anyway!

My bus left late of course but it was a new one with big reclining seats and there were only four of us on it.  Along the way-

It’s very dry and  deserty looking.  Once in San Luis Potosí, I decided to walk from the bus depot to my room- it was only 3.1km away but with my backpacks, I was quite tired by the time I arrived.  My room is nice and very private, up on the top floor-

I have my own microwave, fridge, fully loaded tv, kettle, a few dishes and a desk where I can sit with my iPad.  There are also windows on two sides so the light and air flow are nice-

I have my own private patio-

with a view of the historical centro-

After settling in, I went walking.  It was late afternoon so I didn’t see a lot.  El Carmen is in the square of the same name but was closed-

I’ll go back tomorrow.  The Catedral Metropolitana San Luis Potosí is huge and has different coloured towers-

Inside is blue.  It’s lovely-

I spent some time at a travel agency but it’s not looking positive for a trip to Real Cotorce. There aren’t many tourists around and I certainly don’t want to pay for a private tour.  I left my name and number with one agency - she called two others to see if they had a tour going this week.  She’ll call if something comes up.

I’m looking forward to visiting a couple of museums tomorrow.  It’s Tuesday and they’re free.  One’s a mask museum - not sure if I’m ready for more masks quite yet!

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