Sunday, December 15, 2019

Zacatecas, el cuatorce de Deciembre, 2019

What a beautiful day!  The sun was shining, there was no wind and the temperature was perfect.  I wandered and came upon Parroquia de Santo Domingo which was built in the late 1700s-

The side altars are very ornate-

The front-

Next door just happened to be one of the three museums I want to visit here:  Museo Pedro Coronel-

It was a Jesuit school built between 1517-1625.  The courtyard-

Pedro Coronel, a talented Zacatecano artist, donated over 1200 pieces from his private collection from travels to China, Japan, Egypt and India-

I can’t believe people have made money painting like this!  The bottom left is called Sin Titulo- Without a Title - I mean, what would you call it?  It’s by Pierre Alechinksy-

Joan Miro is responsible for these-

A ceremonial Mexican mask made out of alabaster-

The Mask of the Devil made out of wood in Oaxaca for Semana Santa-

A tiger mask made out of wood and leather for The Tiger Dance in Chiapas Guerrero-

Roberto Sebastian Matto painted Busca Eva (Looking for Eve)-

I was disappointed with what was here but looking now at my pictures, maybe it was just not a good day to visit a museum kind of day?  I’m not sure.

There was no way I was going to another museum so I hopped on a bus to go to Walmart.  I thought I was going to a big mall but we went the other direction to a stand alone Walmart.  I wandered around a bit then caught another bus back and walked home through el Jardin Independencia which became a square in 1610!  Everything here is so old!  It’s changed names and been remodelled through the years-

It was such a beautiful day I put my shorts on - first time in about a week and went looking for.a place to sit in the sun and enjoy a cerveza with a view-

I also wanted to try enchiladas Zacatecas, a local dish and eventually made it to Los Dorados de Villa.  As a single, I could get in no problem but usually a reservation is required.  What great antojitos- best yet: pickled carrots, jicama and chiles, a fairly mild red salsa, a tomato, cebolla, green bean salsa and great homemade nachos-

I waited an hour and a half until my meal arrived.  My waiter asked a couple of times if everything was all right.  He must have thought I was just sitting there for something to do.  I kept explaining that I was waiting for the rest of my meal and finally another waiter listened to what I was saying and went straight to the kitchen.  In five minutes I had my enchiladas.  When I asked to have my leftovers packed up, I also asked for the cuenta but he didn’t bring it.  The same other waiter who was siting next to me having his supper had heard me, shook his head and got it for me with apologies.  It was all very strange.

Enchiladas Zacatecas is roasted pork, onions and garlic wrapped in tortillas baked in a cream sauce.  They were okay but I’d kind of lost my appetite after the long wait and too many antojitos-

I walked towards home because as soon as the sun goes down, we’re in the desert so it starts to cool off.  I was in a tank top and shorts although I wasn’t that cold. There was no wind so that helped but I got a lot of stares.  I felt like I was in a bikini or naked compared to all the Mexicans who were dressed for winter wearing parkas, toques and mitts!  The lights in the callejons (alleys) are spectacular-

The Plaza de Armas - 

And the Cathedral which is in baroque and neo-classical design, started in the mid 1700s-

There were no cars on the Main Street and people were sitting on the curb.  I figured a parade was about to begin and sure enough Santa showed up in his sleigh-

Followed by a crèche and a couple of Wisemen-

Christmas balls-

Many bands-


And lots of Santa Clauses-

I had another great day and am looking forward to visiting two museums tomorrow!  Buenos noches!

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