Saturday, September 13, 2014

Amdo,Tangulla Pass, Tibet

More driving today!

Finally, we arrived at the Tanggula Pass.  It's higher than Everest Base Camp-

A monument at the pass-

Prayer flags are strung up to purify the air and pacify the gods.  They all feature the longta, or windhorse which carries the prayers up into the heavens.  The colors are very symbolic - red, green, yellow, blue and white represent fire, wood, earth, water and iron.

Most of our group is suffering from altitude sickness- headaches, nausea, vomiting, fatigue.  We're trying to get down to 4000 meters to camp tonight.  That will help a lot.

We stopped in Amdo for water and lunch.  It's a funny place.  They decorate their motorbikes with streamers and fancy seat covers.  They wear cowboy hats and boots.  Some women dress kind of Inca like.

Here's a truckload of yaks-

These vultures were enjoying a dog along the road-

More driving and with any luck we'll be in Lhasa by noon tomororow!

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