Friday, September 19, 2014

Everest Base Camp

We had an early start today - on the road by 6 am because eight of us were meeting Land Cruisers in a village to go to Everest Base Camp.

Along the way-

How the Chinese detour-

We came across a traffic jam.  The only problem was the lead driver was too afraid (or too stupid) to know how to drive through these ruts.  With encouragement from fellow truck drivers, he got through and soon we too were on our way!

Yak tending.  Notice the tent on the right.  That's home for the summer!

We met the drivers in a small town and were on our way while the group headed to a bush camping spot.  This traffic jam slowed us down a while-

People watching the cows move through town-

A typical Tibetan home: grass on the roof, prayer flags, white washed walls, red decoration-

Our first sighting of the Himalayas-

Our driver was a madman!  The roads were atrocious and he drove the bag off the vehicle.  Coming home I was sitting in the back and hit my head on the roof!

Here I am at Base Camp which was 5150 meters.  It wasn't really cold, just windy and there isn't anything to do there but take pictures-

Everest is in the background!  Here's Greg, Dennis, Jill, Tim, Melissa, James and me!

We stopped at one of the 'hotels'  4 km from Base Camp for a beer-

Inside it was very cozy and warm!

Later, the sky cleared a little more.....

Dave and I were on cook group tonight and with Brenda's help, most was done by the time I returned from Base Camp.  Tomorrow, we're on our way to the Nepal/China border!  I will be glad to leave China.  The people don't think for themselves - they are so brain-washed and paranoid.  We had 6 - 7 police checks every day - checking for what? - who knows!  Passports please, then they'd only look at one or two.  Delay after delay, waiting, waiting, waiting.  It was crazy here!

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