Friday, September 5, 2014

Taklamakan Desert, China

It rained last night!  In the desert!  And there were mosquitoes!  I thought they needed moisture to live!

Here's our set-up-

You have to admit they are trying.  Here is irrigated melon in 100% sand-

This little fellow was under my tent.  He's resting in a footprint.  He's about 4 inches long-

More scenery, or not!

The Chinese attempt at making one think the desert has disappeared!

More road signs-

More evidence they cheer for the Riders here.  Blue, green, to the Chinese they're the same!

There was some drilling happening, but not much-

After the water runs out.....

Where we found water-

John Deere lives here!

A clan going somewhere-

A very fancy shashlyk booth-

We're bushcamping in a quarry tonight!  It was a long drive through the desert and there's more to come tomorrow!

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