Sunday, September 28, 2014

Kathmandu, Pokhara, Nepal

We're back in the truck on our way to Pokhara.  It's slow going because the traffic is horrendous.

These are our last views of Kathmandu-

A tuk-tuk - Kathmandu's form of public transportation-

This is very typical: shops on the first floor and homes/apartments above.  No pavement, often mud, lots of garbage, many motorcycles, animals, clothes drying....

Tne black barrel on top of the green house is a 1000 litre cistern-

Market day-

If I never see these trucks and hear their annoying horns, it will be too soon!  I'm not sure how the driver can even see out the windshield!

Shrines, temples and other places to worship are everywhere.  Here's one just on a random street corner-

It took 4 hours to go about 30 km this morning: traffic jams from cars/trucks breaking down.  They don't seem to know what to do when that happens, so traffic backs up for miles.  However, there are no shoulders on the roads so it does make it difficult.

Lunch was dahl baht tarkari which is lentil soup, rice and curried vegetables - potato, green leaves and chayote - a type of squash from South America.  We paid extra for masu - meat.  They usually come around offering seconds but today it was only for seconds of rice.  It is very quick and delicious.  To eat it like the Nepalese, you pour the soupy dahl on the rice, mix it into balls with your fingers, add a few vegetables and pickles and shovel it in to your mouth with your right hand!  I used my fork and spoon!

This is what we're driving beside-it's pretty scenic!

This looks like caulilflower or maybe cabbage just recently planted-

Goats being transported, probably to a butcher.  They just hang out on the roofs of buses-

This is a typical town street along the way-

My new t-shirt pretty much sums up Nepal-

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