Monday, September 1, 2014

Kyrgyzstan, County of Xinjiang, Kashgar, China

Breakfast was in the dark and we were on the road by 6 am.

This is the scenery along the way as we travelled through the Torugart Pass which is 3752 meters

The last of the Kyrgyz yurts-

How they do detours here!

Our first stop was at the Kyrgyzstan border.  There was a 2 km line of trucks waiting to get through.  Luckily for us, today we're a bus, so we went to the front of the line-

We met 3 bikers; 2 from the UK and one from Ireland.  It's pretty tough going on these roads-

Passing into China, we went through three, repeat three Chinese check points/borders!  At the first one we had to have all our luggage and sleeping bags x-rayed.  At the second one, we just showed our passports and at the third one, the truck was sprayed with disinfectant and just our luggage was x-rayed.  We also got our stamp.  All together, we drove about 110 km through 'no man's land'!

Here's an interesting road sign!

We had numerous road blocks along the way!  This is when the horns really come in to play-

The rock formations are so interesting-

Arriving in Kashgar, County of  Xinjiang, our senses were assaulted.  There are a lot of scooters and all different ways to ride them-

The streets are alive!

We don't see this in North Battleford too often, unless it's Halloween or -40!

We're spending two nights in Kashgar in a palace of a hotel!  China has one time zone and it's called Beijing time.  We moved our watches ahead 2 hours.  It doesn't get light in the morning until 8:30 or even later and it's still light at 9:30 at night.  

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