Sunday, September 21, 2014

Tibet to Nepal

The border was supposed to open at 10, but in Chinese style, it was closer to 11.  Once across, our senses were inundated with new things-

A Chinese jackhammer-

According to a Nepalese border guard, sherpas carry a maximum 200 pounds and are paid between 200 and 300 rupees ($2/$3) to deliver a load across the border-

The streets are narrow and cars drive on the left side-

At first we thought it must be wash day, but it rains a lot, so we think maybe the laundry just perpetually hangs out to dry-

Snooker anyone?  Even in Tibet, pool tables were outside in front of restaurants-

We could immediately feel a difference here.  First, many speak English.  The police are super friendly, smiling and laughing.  People are relaxed and happy and everything is much cheaper.

Some of the roads to Borderlands, where we're camping for 2 nights-

We're still in the beautiful Liping Gorge-

Terraced rice farming with homes high up the mountain side-

Tomorrow, the brave ones are bungie jumping and bridge swinging at 10 am!  


  1. Are you included in "the brave ones"??

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  3. Kyirong, close to the Sino-Nepal border, is a small Tibetan town with a population of around 4,000 inhabitants. Located at an altitude of 2,700 meters above sea level, geographically it is close to Nepal and has influences of Nepal’s subtropical climate, which makes it greener with a more humid climate. click here to know more about the road, restaurants, hotels and climate etc.


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