Sunday, September 14, 2014

Lhasa, Tibet

The start of week 13!  Time is flying by!  Day 3 of our trek to Lhasa and so far, it looks like we're going to get there today!  Last night was rainy and cold, and at 4700 meters, most were suffering from altitude too.  Lhasa is 3700 meters so we're looking forward to feeling better!

This is Main Street of Nagchu-

I'm not kidding.  That's rubby! 

How's this for a load?

The Tibetan plateau-

A village along the way.  Notice the Chinese flag flying.  Most homes have some sort of an enclosed courtyard in front-

Motorbikes are very popular.  Helmets are not mandatory-

I tried yak dumplings for lunch.  Yak is sort of like beef but greasier-

This bag of yak dung was in the entrance of the restaurant where we had lunch.  It's their fuel for heating and cooking-

Along the way: yak, yak, yak-

Prayer flags-

Army trucks moved by train-

We arrived in Lhasa and are looking forward to visiting this interesting city.

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